This Christmas, festivities are needed more than ever. And whilst we love the Christmas season, the negative impact on the environment is undeniable. It's hard to escape glitter, single-use plastic and consequently, a lot of waste.

In the UK alone, around 114,000 tonnes of plastic is thrown away each Christmas (WLC, 2017), ending up in landfill and our oceans. This is not only extremely damaging to sea life, but also humans, as we can end up consuming harmful micro-plastics that have entered the food chain (Greenpeace, 2020)

Here are some of our top picks to help reduce your plastic use and wastage this Christmas:

1 > Use Reusable Gift Wrapping

The equivalent of 108 million rolls of wrapping paper will be binned in the UK this Christmas (Francis, 2017), since the shiny kind paper can’t be recycled. Happy Wrap offers a fun and sustainable alternative. 

Made in the UK from 100% organic cotton, these can be reused year after year. There’s no need for sticky tape either, which is traditionally composed of non-recyclable plastic.

2 > Swap Clingfilm for Vegan Soy Wax Wraps

Food is another huge area of waste over the Christmas season. So much so, we throw away the equivalent of over 4.2 million Christmas dinners every year (Good to Know, 2019)

Instead, save your leftovers! Zero Waste Club have designed reusable wax wraps to protect your leftover food whilst in the fridge and they’re vegan too.

3 > Wrap with Recycled Wrapping Tape

It’s estimated the amount of sticky tape used at Christmas could wrap around the world almost 500 times (Neill, 2019). This can’t be recycled, and if left on paper, that can’t be recycled either. 

Pack Plan makes beautiful self-adhesive wrapping tape made out of recycled paper. With this you can wrap your gifts without the guilt of single-use plastic waste.

4 > Shop with Turtle Bags

We use a shocking 5 trillion plastic bags a year, and less than 1% of these are recycled (The World Counts, 2020). As a sustainable alternative, Turtle Bags have created a variety of string bags made out of GOTS certified organic cotton. The lightweight bags can hold up to 40kg/88lbs, for easy Christmas Shopping.

5 > Buy Plastic-Free Christmas Chocolate Cracker

An estimated 40 million crackers end up as waste each year (Business Waste, 2019), most including small plastic toys which can also end up in landfill. Try Seed & Beans’ Christmas Cracker gift for a plastic-free alternative. This cracker is fully compostable and contains 4 mini vegan chocolate bars, definitely more tasty than your standard cracker.

6 > Use Compostable Corn Starch Bin Bags

If anything must be disposed, do so more sustainably with Compostable Bin Bags. Made from corn starch, these bin bags are certified as 100% compostable.

7 > Light KTO X Lux Luz Eco-Soy Christmas Candle

Need some last minute presents or stocking fillers? Our Christmas Spice candle in collaboration with Lux Luz is created from eco-soy wax, with a share of the profits donated to charities supporting women affected by domestic violence. 

8 > Gift a DIY Craft Kit

Get creative or gift that arty friend or family member with a DIY gift set. Agnes has created an easy to follow accessory crafting kit, where you can create your own upcycled headband or scrunchie from fabric offcuts.

9 > Gift a KTO Giftset

Our KTO Gift Sets include a selection of products from our eco-conscious vendors, each coming with our reusable organic cotton bag. Each set caters for someone in your life - husband, wife, brother, sister, daughter, or son. Making gifting easier and eco-friendly. 

10 > Read a Sustainable Book or Magazine.

Christmas is a time for rest. So, put your feet up and enjoy a sustainable read. Our books and magazines are inspiring, uplifting and will motivate you to make changes in your own life, with cutting down plastic to addressing climate change. 
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Imogen Rowley

Writer’s Bio: Imogen is a final year fashion buying and merchandising student at The University Of Manchester.

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