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Summer is finally upon us, and if you’re in the UK like us you’re enjoying a heatwave too! It’s the perfect time of year to kick back and relax with a new book  in the sunshine.

Previously on KTO talks we’ve done a roundup of our favourite ethical fashion reads, or go to documentaries, so we wanted to share our top 5 books to help you change the world this summer. Books that cover everything you need to know about climate change from myth busting to psychological explanations and everyday environmental activism. 



'Don't Even Think About It' is a brilliant and accessible read all about the gap between public knowledge of climate change and action. George Marshall explains, psychologically why we as a society continue to act as if its business as usual in the face of clear climate change facts. It includes interviews with everyone from Nobel prize winning psychologists to Texas tea party activists. This book is great if you want to understand more about why you or those around you believe in climate change but might struggle to then act on this knowledge. A really interesting delve into how our brains work and how this relates to one of the biggest global challenges facing us today.


From the author of No Logo comes This Changes Everything, a book that focuses on global warming to expose a lot of the myths that confuse and cloud the climate change debate. We think this review sums it up, 'The most important book I've read all year - perhaps in a decade ... crucially, she leaves the reader with a sense of optimism' Stephanie Merritt, Observer, Books of the Year. For a dose of optimism and a solid understanding of the climate debate this is our go to book!


'The Uninhabitable Earth' addresses from optimism to realism. An uninhabitable earth is not one for the faint hearted as it confronts the realities of our ever changing world head on. Full of predictions about what the future holds. David Wallace-Wells illustrates in alarming detail scenarios that are becoming less and less ‘potential’ and more guaranteed within climate action. This book is ideal for really getting to grips with the outcomes and risks a continue denial of climate change will bring.


'Being the change: how to live well and spark a climate revolution' by Pete Kalmus is a lighter read about consumption, climate change and the connection between individual action and collective change. It details Peter’s own personal journey to live simpler and greener after becoming aware of the challenges facing us. It both outlines the challenges facing us and details what we can do to change the system and help those around us to do the same.


'Climate Justice' is another more hope filled manifesto for change that details the authors travels from Malawi to Mongolia and what she learnt in each of those places from women like herself trying to change the way we treat the earth. She tells the story of Sharon Hanshaw, a mississippi local whose campaign took her from her hair Salon all the way to the UN, and Constance Okollet a farmer from Uganda who impacted her rural community, and many more stories of change that inspire hope. 


Let us know what you think!

Have you read any of these, or have we missed off any ‘must-reads’, let us know on social media, we’re always looking to add to our reading list!



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