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This week students across the UK will be taking part in Go Green week, a nationwide campaign from People and Planet to encourage the uptake of greener behaviours. To celebrate the launch of our new Conscious Living range and Go Green week we’ve put together 5 Swaps for Go Green that anyone can do, student or not!  


  • Zero Waste Bathroom swap- we’ve got a range of products to help you move towards a completely zero waste dental routine- but the first product we recommend swapping to is a Bamboo toothbrush! Every year over a billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away worldwide, ending up in landfill, in the sea, or washed up on a beach. Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable (though you do have to cut off the bristles first!), and the natural antibacterial and antifungal properties of bamboo mean the toothbrush is hygienic too. 
  • Reusable Face Wipes - possibly our favourite! As an all female team we realised how many makeup wipes we must be throwing away between us and looked into the effect this is having on the environment. In the UK we spend more than £500 million a year on wipes of all kinds, used for everything from cleaning our kitchens to cleaning our faces. This has a huge effect not just on our wallets but on the environment. 93% of sewage blockages are caused by wipes "biodegradable" and otherwise that are flushed away. The Marine Conservation have seen a 400% increase in wet wipes found alongside coastlines in the past decades. Our wipes are machine washable so and when you are ready to replace them they are fully compostable!




  • A topic we want to talk more about is Microplastics and the effect they have on the environment. Microfibres are small bits of plastic released when synthetic fabrics are washed. Using a GuppyFriend when washing synthetic items catches those fibres, preventing them from going into your washing machine and finding their way into the world's oceans and waterways where they take centuries to decompose.
  • Beeswax wraps, help your half cut avocado’s live to see another day, or keep that bowl with half a can of beans covered in the fridge by ditching the clingfilm and using a reusable wrap! Cling film is designed for single use, and extremely difficult to recycle, the resins and chemicals used in it called phthalates (that make it clingy!) can’t be separate meaning it can’t break down. Beeswax wraps can just be wiped cleaned and use again and again. After a few months simply put in the over to re-crisp or buy some beeswax and re-wax the wrap yourself.




  • One for the ladies (sorry guys!) our new conscious lifestyle products feature a range of sustainable feminine care products. We’re proud to stock TOTM and Organicup two companies looking to change how we approach menstrual health. Environmentally, the plastic liners on sanitary towels do not biodegrade at all In their 2016 beach clean-up, the Marine Conservation Society found 20 tampons and sanitary items per 100 metres of shoreline. Meaning they remain forever in the sea as a pollutant and threat to sea life. Just one sanitary pad contains up to four plastic bags worth of plastic ...we’ll let you do the maths on how much plastic that means the average period creates but in conclusion it’s a lot! TOTM sell both menstrual cups and organic disposable options if the reusable option is not one for you just yet.  

To find out more about People and Planet and how they are supporting students in escalating the movement for Climate justice check them out here.



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