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Tired of feeling eco-shamed for having to drive everyday because of work? Do you want to become the eco-warrior you always dreamt of being, but can’t afford a brand new electric car?

We’ve got your back.

Here are our tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint that won't empty your wallet and anyone can do.

Plant-Based Diet

Go veggie! Even test the water by switching to only eating meat at the weekends. Studies have found plant-based diets are 1 of the most high impact changes to reduce your individual carbon footprint! And it can be better for your health! Win. win. Check out some easy plant-based recipes here

Reduce Single Use Plastics

Plastics are polluting the environment in a serious way. Cut out single use plastics like cups,  bottles, bags and straws. Buy a reusable cup for your morning coffee!

Cut The Palm Oil

Palm oil is found everywhere, in makeup, detergents, food and much more. But it one of the leading causes of rainforest destruction. Click here to learn more!

Choose palm-oil free products! Odylique are one of our faves. 

Move Your Money

Many of our big banks are investing our money in to fossils fuels, with Barclays Bank even being the majority shareholder of a fracking company, Third Energy. Check out ethical consumers rating on the best bank to support. 

Shop Organic

Synthetic fibres in fashion and chemicals for non-organic crops are destroying ecosystems and communities globally. Read more on KTO Talks or watch True Cost for more information on why organic matters.

Love Your Clothes

Your clothing continues having a huge environmental impact after purchase! Check out our top tips on how to improve the carbon footprint of your clothing.



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