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Amidst the chaos, there are some amazing things happening in the world today, that we often don’t hear about. The fashion industry is reaching new goals with sustainability, and there are some inspiring initiatives, campaigns and innovations that will create a better future for us - the people, and the planet.


1. A report from the sustainability nonprofit Global Fashion Agenda found that in 2019, 75% of consumers viewed sustainability as very or extremely important

More and more consumers are realising how important sustainability is and are shopping accordingly, that is huge! You, as consumers, have the power to demand more sustainable practices from companies. So, let’s push them to make a start on making these structural changes throughout their supply chain.  


2. World’s top companies are going plastic-free in 2020

Plastic usage is on the decline - with big companies like IKEA, nestle, Unilever making pledges to drastically cut down or stop their plastic usage. Unilever have agreed to cut their usage of plastic in packaging by half by 2025, Nestle are investing $2.1 billion over the next 5 years in cutting plastic usage. The biggest of all these commitments, is Ikea is eliminating single-use plastic kitchenware, bags and packaging across 363 outlets worldwide.


3. Renewables beat fossil fuels on 137 days in greenest year for UK energy

2019 was the UK's greenest year to date as their renewable energy usage grew by 9% compared to 2018. For 137 days last year, renewable energy sources outpaced fossil fuels, which is a new record! This is all on the way to the UK's carbon-neutral target by 2050 by cutting emissions to net zero.



4. $20 million raised in two months, to plant 20 million trees 

To mark his 20 million following on Youtube, Mr Beast, launched a campaign to raise money to plant 20 million trees. The #TeamTree Campaign achieved their goal of raising $20 million in the space of two months, with the help of donations from Tesla CEO, Elon Musk and YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki.


5. New bio-science company with an alternative to palm oil

A New York startup, C16 Biosciences, is producing an alternative to Palm Oil in a Lab which has very similar chemical and functional properties to palm oil. This will hopefully prevent the advance of unsustainable palm oil cultivation and the deforestation of rainforests that is driven by the palm oil industry when not farmed responsibly. Their recent $20 million investment should mean their products will be out in the market soon. 



6. The British Fashion Council Positive Fashion initiative celebrates and encourages businesses to adopt sustainable practices 

Led by environment, people, community and craftsmanship, The British Fashion Council’s Positive Fashion initiative is driving businesses towards a more sustainable future, representing the people who pioneer our brands, and supporting the positive impacts on local communities. In February, they created a positive fashion exhibition which explored how the fashion industry can be a force for change and encourage more brands to adopt the Positive Fashion Principles and create positive change within the industry. 


7. An Alternative to Leather Made Out of Cactus

Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez have developed an alternative to animal leather which is made out of the Mexican cactus, Nopal. This vegan fabric could save millions of animals worldwide. It also uses a minimal amount of water in its production, and can be made into a variety of different colours using natural dyes.


These are only a few of the exciting things that are happening today and you can keep track of more positive news stories via Ethos MagazineHappy Newspaper, Positive News, Beautiful newsAlso, there are ways in which we can grow and encourage our community, including nextdoor app and @notestostrangers.



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