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Is it just me, or does it feel like people are constantly pulling the wool over our eyes?

Everyday there is a breaking news story that chips away at our trust in politicians, brands and corporations. Now with the outbreak of ‘Fake News’ we can not even be sure what we are reading is true. It’s exhausting. But what are we meant to do when we are seemingly powerless?

This is why Know The Origin was created, and why we are so passionate about transparency in fashion.


What we mean is about knowing exactly where and who made each component of your garment: from cotton, to threads, to dyeing and right down to the final stitches. Then sharing the realities, positive impacts and challenges from across your supply chain with you.
Accountability. Respect. Trust. Call it what you want, transparency is pretty exciting! But why does it even matter?

“Shoppers have the right to know that their money is not supporting exploitation, human rights abuses and environmental destruction.”

Fashion Revolution, Transparency Index

The severely high levels of secrecy within supply chains has allowed fashion industry standards to rot. And it ain’t pretty. Human trafficking, violence, pollution, you name it. Fashion has become a global industry exploiting people and the environment. How can anything change, when brands do not even know who made their clothes, nevermind how and where exploitation happens within their supply chains?
Thankfully, our voices have been heard! Fashion brands are scrambling to keep up with customers expectations. We don’t just want style, but fashion with positive social and environmental impact. And slapping a certification on a label isn’t enough. Encouraging the fashion industry for full transparency means that brands are held responsible for the standards of human rights and environmental protection across their supply chains, from seed to garment.

Big corporations are nervous to take on transparency out of fear of losing their competitive advantage and being exposed to rivals. But a profit driven advantage is a pretty weak excuse for maintaining practices built on exploiting people and the environment.

At Know The Origin our supply chain is published all over our website for you to access and help improve! (Although, it’s pretty kick-ass already.) So get involved - what do you want to see improved in our supply chain so that your money is supporting your values?




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