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Documentaries: the perfect Netflix night whilst side stepping the guilt of being unproductive. Here are our top 6 must-see sustainability films that aren’t filled with overly emotional music and patronising commentaries. Instead, these KTO recommendations highlight the importance of sustainability and supporting the people and environment involved.


Who pays the price of our clothing? Featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, the award winning True Cost documentary is definitely making an impact answering that question. Following the journey of our highstreet clothing, it highlights the people who make our clothes and the impact the fashion industry is having on communities and the environment globally.

KTO Highlight: This film is filled with so many golden moments this is pretty much impossible to choose. The amazing world influencer Vandana Shiva bringing home the impact of pesticides on cotton farmers in India is definitely something that sticks with you.


This is a complete contrast to the upbeat, fast paced nature of True Cost, but is definitely no less impactful. Director Rahul Jain creates a dizzying fly-on-the-wall experience of a fabric factory in India. This rare insight into sweatshop conditions is filmed stunningly with sweeping images of factory conditions mixed with powerful commentaries from the men (and boys) who work there. A brutally honest documentary that still gives me chills.

KTO Highlight: The snippets of interviews with the workers that challenge your view on poverty.


This documentary has a lot to offer, and we are not just talking about it’s star Leonardo DiCaprio. A refreshing climate change documentary that links politics into the conversation on environment. In an epic quest to mobilise the public, influential speakers such as Barack Obama, Al Gore, Elon Musk and many more definitely make an impact.

KTO Highlight: The frustrating insight in to the world of climate change deniers and the ‘denial industry’

Shout out to Blue Planet fans, this one’s for you. Fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world, straight after oil, but it’s hard to grasp what that really means. But this documentary definitely does a great job. Who’d of thought you could get emotional about coral? Focussing on the reality of climate change in the coral reefs, this film breaks down the science in to an accessible, but impactful, hour and a half.

KTO Highlight: The abundance of facts showing how intricate and delicate the world really is, and how everything we do makes a difference.

Ever wondered how we end up with so much stuff? This documentary explores the life of a minimalist, looking at what we think makes us happy, in comparison to what actually does. Be prepared to be inspired and make your life a little lighter.

Plastic plastic plastic - it’s all we are talking about at the moment. The recent news on plastic has really challenged us as a team to think about our reliance and consumption of it. This movie is a great place to start exploring the why. Made by an American journalist Angela Sun, it uncovers her journey to discover the phenomenon of the Great Pacific garbage patch.



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