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You don’t have to search long to see that there is a lot happening in the fashion industry that KTO doesn’t love. But, there is also a lot of change happening that we adore! It’s time to celebrate that!

Check out 5 of our favourite game changers in the ethical fashion world that definitely shouldn't slip under your radar:

Pathways For Promise

Asian University for Women in Bangladesh have recently launched Pathways For Promise, an initiative that provides free university education for female garment workers and marginalised Rohingya women, to become leaders in their chosen field! Who run the world? 

Visit their website here.

Image from Elizabeth Stilwell

Supply Compass

Supply Compass is made up of an amazing team who link brands to fantastically ethical manufacturers. What used to be a daunting process for brands is now much more accessible as Supply Compass help improve the way brands find and work with international manufacturers.


Visit Supply Compass' website here.

Ethical Consumer

Established in 1989, this magazine has a whole lot of ethical business knowledge under its belt. Throwing some serious shade at unethical highstreet brands through their product guides, Ethical Consumer makes deciding who your money supports a whole lot easier.

We’ve been loving Ethical Consumer for years now so we are proud to say Know The Origin are rated their most ethical fashion brand!


Visit Ethical Consumer's website here.

Tansy Hoskins

If you’ve read the incredible Stitched Up, Tansy’s name will be your morning mantra. Tansy is on the frontlines of industry change and her articles unapologetically call out current issues in the fashion world! Check out her articles or watch her interview in the True Cost! 


Visit Tansy's website here.

Fashion Debates

Based in London, Fashion Debates run incredible events exploring ethical issues affecting the fashion industry. Ran by people within the industry, these events aim to take responsibility and create change from inside the industry. 

Watch out for their next event and make sure to follow their #OnWednesdaysWeWearEthical movement!


Visit Fashion Debate's website here.




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