This year for millions of people stuck at home, it's hard to buy gifts for people that we love. Many are turning to Amazon as a form of convenience.

This year Amazon has seen its market value rocket to $75.5 billion in sales revenue in the first quarter of 2020. (Rushe and Sainato) With 20,000 workers catching coronavirus (NY Times), workers have no right to unlimited, unpaid leave, meaning many workers fear being fired if they miss a shift.

Amazon is also criticised for it's tax avoidance, having paid only US $3.4 billion between 2010-2019  (£2.7 billion) in tax on $960.5billion (£740 billion) of revenue and $26.8billion (£20 billion) of profits. (Fair Tax Mark)

This Christmas you can choose to support brands with purpose from donating socks to people experiencing homelessness to the world's first compostable phone case to trainers made from vegan leather > Here's 10 of our favourite brands with incredible impacts.

1. Jollie’s 

For every sock sold, Jollie’s donates a pair to a shelter which has resulted in thousands of wearers and donations to over 50 shelters worldwide. 280,000 people were recorded to have been homeless across the UK in 2019 (Shelter) and Jollie’s are doing something to tackle and help homelessness.

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2. Arture

Arture creates beautiful wallets, purses and travel accessories from 100% natural materials (Mediterranean cork). Shivani and Kessa ensure that their products are recycled or repurposed at the end of their life cycle. They use Cork because it is fully water-resistant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, fireproof and buoyant, as well as giving the products a unique texture. 

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3. Pela

Pela is the World’s First Compostable Phone Case, made from Flax shive and a plant based biopolymer, eliminating plastic from everyday tech accessories. So far, Pela has prevented 366,065 pounds of plastic being made, heading to their goal of 1 billion pounds and a waste free future.

4. OneNine5

With over 284 million passengers at UK airports every year, OneNine5 wanted to reduce the travel industry’s use of single-use plastics. Alex and co-founder have created eco-conscious modern travel products from luggage to wash bags that still prioritise style and functionality. Using Vegan Leather and Recycled Plastic, they take on an amazing eco-conscious approach to product, packaging and recycling.

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5. FlamingosLife

Flamingos’ Life was founded by Carlos after witnessing the domination of the inhumane leather production industry. He designed a biodegradable and bio-based alternative to leather using corn waste to save the millions of animals from being killed. Now each range of shoes is produced using leather made from a waste product, rather than chemicals and plastics like some vegan leathers.

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6. Panda Packaging

Maliha and Jack noticed first-hand the large volumes of discarded plastics in the ocean. They then went on to design a range of products from kitchen to beauty as natural and innovative alternatives to attain more plastic free lifestyles. So far 20 million plastics have been saved from entering the oceans since Panda Packaging’s launch. 

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7. Karst Stone Paper

A carbon-neutral and B-Corp certified company, Karst Stone Paper makes amazing stationery using stone from construction by-products to make their products. They have found an alternative paper source to replace paper industries toxic impact on the environment. Compared to the usual pulp paper production, Karst Stone Paper has a 67% smaller Carbon footprint.

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8. Odylique 

Odylique is a family-owned natural, certified Organic Cosmetic brand, who pride themselves on ethical values to stand out from other commercial skincare retailers and to formulate the purest cosmetics possible with regards to the planet. These products are beautiful, sustainably packaged and free from animal testing and chemicals.

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9. Origin Africa

Origin Africa is a non-for-profit organisation, raising funds for humanitarian development projects through each sale. They design and create ethical, high quality organic cotton garments that have been certified by GOTS, Oeko-Tex and Fairwear Foundation. Their profits fund community driven, need based projects  to invest in and establish social businesses with a targeted social purpose.

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10. Huskup

Huskup designs functional and stylish biodegradable drinking cups from the rice husk by-products of the rice industry. The rice industry incinerates approximately 125million rice husks annually - Huskup helps to reduce this. Every day 7 million disposable coffee cups are used alone (Gabbatiss, 2018) and Huskup are helping to reduce this number.

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Know The Origin pride themselves on finding the most impactful brands for you to support. You can read more about these brands here.

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Writer’s Bio: Isobel is studying for her Second year of Fashion Marketing at the University of Manchester.

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