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We’ve rounded up 8 of our favourite podcasts that feature sustainability, lifestyle topics and cover current affairs.

Getting Curious with JVN  



We, here in the Know the Origin office are HUGE fans of Queer Eye, and so of course are avid listeners to Queer Eye Queen, Jonathon Van Ness’s podcast. Curious with JVN features interviews with prominent people from activists and scientists to policy makers and athletes. One thing’s for sure we always come away having learnt something!


Conscious Chatter 

Hosted by Kestrel Jenkins CC is a podcast where what we wear matters! Kestrel, who used to work for ethical fashion giant People tree, started the podcast as a way of engaging and participating in the fair fashion conversation. The podcasts range from interviews with designers to farmers and professors. If you’re looking to learn more about ethical fashion this is the podcast to listen too.



What On Earth  


New to the podcast scene, but one that we rushed to subscribe to is What on Earth, Hubbub’s new podcast. Hubbub is a nonprofit environment campaigning organisation, that you may have heard of from our previous pop-up events. They are a go- to source for sound evidence based, easily digestible information about environmental issues, we can’t wait for more episodes!



Talking Tastebuds

With your host Venetia Falconer! We’ve talked about Venetia on our blog before in our round up of 20 must follow instagram feeds. Her podcast features interviews with everyone from your favourite vegan chef to mental health advocates.



The Minimalists

We’ve learnt about everything from digital minimalism, to conscious consumerism from hosts Joshua and Ryan as they discuss how we can all live meaningful lives with less. This podcast will have you running to declutter your life, switch your phone to aeroplane mode and get out into the world more.



Wardrobe Crisis

Hosted by Clare Press, Vogue Australia’s Sustainability editor and eco influencer. Another of our go-to ethical fashion podcasts. Wardrobe crisis addresses key issues within the fashion industry head on, focusing on everything from ethics and sustainability, activism, consumerism and identity.  



How To Fail with Elizabeth Day 


This podcast is simply summed up by the tagline of the book it’s based off “everything I’ve ever learned from things going wrong’. Elizabeth speaks to everyone from politicians like Jess Phillips, to athletes like Kelly Holmes about failure, learning and growth and we always come away feeling motivated and inspired and reminded of all we can learn from the ‘failures’ in our lives! As fleabag fans in the office, we particularly love the episode with writer and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge!




If your eco-anxiety is getting you down this is definitely the podcast recommendation for- what better than a comedy podcast about the environment! Your hosts Dave and Ol work for environmental charities and through their podcast in their own words try to “ be cheery in the face of impending ecological disaster.” If you’re looking to learn more about the environment, but come away laughing and not despairing check sustainababble out!


Have we missed your favourite? Tweet us @knowtheorigin and let us know what other podcasts should be on this list, or drop us a DM on instagram, we’d love to add more to our playlist. 


If you’d rather read on the morning commute check out our 5 sustainable go to books, or if you’d rather an evening in our roundup of the 6 best cringe free sustainability documentaries below.






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