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Spring has finally sprung. The sun is beginning to make an appearance, and sunlight hours are getting longer, Easter will soon be upon us!

Like most holidays Easter has become incredible commercialised- but with that comes a lot of waste. Each year according to Waste Connect we Brits spend on average £229 million on chocolate which means more than 8,000 tonnes of waste is generated from easter egg packaging and cards alone. In the UK we consume around 80 million eggs each year which translates to 4,360 tonnes of cardboard and 160 tonnes of foil wastage.

So however you celebrate, or mark Easter we wanted to compile some ethical swaps to help you cut down on plastic consumption this year.



Chocolate and Love create great-tasting organic, Fairtrade chocolate which brings smiles to people’s faces and makes them feel good about themselves and the planet. We love it! Chocolate that tastes good and does good too. We stock a range of their flavours at Know The Origin, check them out here. The mint is definitely an office favourite!




We’ve mentioned Divine before on KTO talks, but they are a fairtrade company that are actually owned cooperatively by smallholder farmers in Ghana. They’ve reduced their environmental impact by never using plastic. Their easter offerings are all fairtrade and palm oil free and can be found in your local Oxfam and some supermarkets! 




Doisy and Dam have created an ethical easter basket that swaps mini eggs for mini bars, and there’s a vegan basket too! All Doisy and Dam’s chocolate is ethically sourced and organic. 




Seed and Bean create ethical, fairtrade and organic chocolate bars that are vegan friendly. They were the first UK chocolate brand to have fully compostable packaging with their 100% compostable foil, which is made from Natureflex. A great plastic-free alternative this easy! 




British chocolate brand Montezuma have created the Eco Easter egg, that comes in as minimal packaging as possible that’s entirely recyclable and biodegradable. As part of their trading fairly policy they ensure that their staff, customers, communities they touch, and the environment are considered as part of all their decision-making processes.




If you’re looking for something a little more indulgent and have a bit more budget to play with check out Booja Booja’s offerings. Booja Booja make award winning organic chocolate that come in a shell hand painted by artisans in India. They’ve been working with Persian Dowery in India for a decade, helping to support their dying craft. Through their support future generations have been encouraged to continue this unique craft and they’ve helped communities to live more sustainably.




Next up is Plamil, who’ve created a Fairtrade egg powered by factories run by 100% renewable energy. They have loads of vegan options and all their eggs are organic and Fairtrade. Plantil are the UK’s longest running plant-based business. You can buy from their website, or Holland and Barret and other independent shops.



For a final top tip

If buy an egg that comes in foil, or you know someone that will as the foil per egg is quite small it’s not recyclable however if you collect lots of bits up into a ball, this can be more easily recycled!

Or why not opt out of shopping this Easter and make your own! Let us know your eco-friendly Easter tips, we’d love to hear from you, join us on social for a conversation about how we can create less waste this holiday.     



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