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Periods can be huge a taboo topic. It’s not something openly talked about amongst friends let alone online! But we wanted to create a conversation surrounding plastic and periods because we think it’s a topic worth talking about. 


Because the products we use actually have a big environmental impact. It’s a problem most of us don’t even consider, because these items are just necessary right? However the evidence on plastic waste caused by our monthly cycles is insurmountable. A singular tampon takes longer than our lifetime to degrade, and the Ocean Conservancy organisation report that 1 in every 100 pieces of plastic in the ocean is currently a tampon applicator, pad or wipe. 


A common question we get asked is can periods be sustainable?

The answer is absolutely they can- and there’s actually a range of options! From reusable or organic pads to period pants and menstrual cups. There is a sustainable option for everyone, for whatever makes you most comfortable. And if everyone used organic cotton or reusable period care it could save the equivalent of 180 billion plastic bags from going to landfill this year. 

As part of our conscious lifestyle range this year we started stocking menstrual cups that can be used in place of a tampon for a zero-waste period, alongside organic cotton pads and tampons that come with a with a biodegradable cardboard applicator. Both contain no fragrance, rayon and chlorine bleach. Designed to be kind to your body and the environment.

Most importantly beyond the brands we stock being environmentally conscious, they care about the women using them, and women's health around the world. 

Time of the Month launched in 2016 with a vision to change how we manage periods and have a better understanding of menstrual health. They're on a mission to end the silence surrounding periods and provide more natural and sustainable period care. Mainstream period brands are not required to list product ingredients, TOTM stand out from the crowd with full transparency as to what goes in to making their period care. Since 2018 they've also supported Endometriosis UK by donating a portion of their profits. 

OrganiCup is a Danish company founded in 2012 with the aim of improving menstrual health on a personal, cultural and global scale. They fight for a world where menstrual hygiene products do not harm women's bodies and do not pollute the planet. They work with a range of NGO's which are fighting period poverty and empowering women, such as WoMena, Freedom4Girls and Wise Economy 

Both companies encourage women to use their purchasing power to make a difference and to join the period revolution. 

We know this isn’t a straightforward or easy swap for everyone! There are so many options, why not try integrating some sustainable products into your routine? You can check out all the feminine care products we stock here. 



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