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Festival season is fast approaching, tickets are bought, glitter at the ready. But what about the waste caused by festivals?

The last few years have seen a rise in the uproar caused by the number of tents and level of waste left behind after the campers have moved on - so if you’re going to a festival this year what can you do to lessen the impact you have whilst enjoying all a festival has to offer. 


1. Travel

How you get to a festival is the first way you can make an impact! Why not offset the carbon spent getting there by donating to climate travellers (some festivals will even offer you this when you buy your ticket!). Or consider carpooling, or taking part in a charity cycle to the festival, or using local public transport.


2. Disposables

Bring your own plates, mugs, bottles and refill them! If you’re buying food from vendors, why not ask if you can have those chips in your own tub and ditch the one use polystyrene option they normally come in. Imagine if everyone at the festival you are attending did this, how much plastic would we save going to landfill!


3. Tents

Avoid buying a one use tent that you leave behind after, or a paddling pool or any item designed to be used for 2 days and then thrown away. In 2011 alone,12,000 tents were left behind. Invest in a proper tent or borrow one! You can even rent a tent from lots of places - check out free-cycle or gumtree for cheap local options.


Photo taken from the zero-waste festival No Planet B 

4. Food

If you’re budget savvy enough to avoid the vendors and bring your own you can avoid lots of unnecessary waste. For example breakfast biscuits are a great idea but shop bought also come packaged in tons of plastic, so get prepared! Bake a batch a few days before you go and bring in your own tub, easy simple breakfast and snacks to have on the go. Same goes for making some energy balls a classic snack at the supermarket that will cost you a lot and each come individually wrapped (increasing the rubbish you accumulate at the festival) make your own and bring a tub!


5. Fashion

Don’t go out and get a whole new wardrobe that you’ll never wear again after, check out charity and vintage shops for festival appropriate outfits or just ask friends who aren't going what you can borrow off them! AND if you’re a glitter person make sure you buy biodegradable glitter to avoid the micro-plastics ending up in the ground or in the sea!


6. Toiletries

A festival staple, especially as they are often used in lieu of a shower. But they create so much waste! Buy a pack of reusable cotton wipes and some good old fashioned water if you can’t be bothered to trek to a shower but want to feel clean, bring a camping micro-towel to dry off and voila feeling fresh! Same goes for toilet roll there are sustainable options, you can order in bulk from who gives a crap they all coming in recycled packaging and is recycled or Sainsbury's do recycled loo roll it comes in plastic but it's a start. A festival is the perfect time to invest in a shampoo bar, instead of filling your bags with endless bottles throw in a couple of bars for a simpler routine! 

We have a whole range of useful items in our conscious living range from sporks, to reusable bottles. What are your best sustainable tips for festival go-ers? Let us know on social media!




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