On International Women’s Day (March 8th), we celebrate all women owned brands. Brands that also fight for environmental and social justice in the fashion and beauty industry. 

This day is important for reflecting on how far the movement has come in fighting bias, stereotypes and discrimination, but also raising awareness and taking action on injustices.

Only around 14% of the top 50 major fashion brands are run by Women.

We call for action on the indisputable inequality of women in the fashion industry.

We can proudly say 56% of the brands we work with are women owned!

At KTO we pride ourselves on working with women owned brands that are paving the way for fair wages for workers, restoring the environment and giving back to local communities. Each worker should be respected with fair legislative employment terms. Our brands must have measures in place to ensure that their workers are treated fairly across their supply chain and they are working under safe conditions.

Take a look at our top women owned brands, each representing the importance of high ethical standards, sustainability and gender equality:


This woman-led start-up believes nothing should hold you back while on your period - the brand literally stands for Wake Up Kick Ass! Creating the UK’s first-ever reusable and leak-proof period wear, they’ve replaced plastic-riddled disposable pads & tampons with the world’s most comfortable and sustainable menstrual products. With equality, social and environmental responsibility at the heart of everything they do, WUKA had to be on our female business list for International Women's Day.




Faced with the environmental impact that the fashion industry is having on the planet, Allie founded the brand with intentions of positive change. A clothing label where innovative design meets sustainability, HARA creates underwear made from beautifully soft bamboo with ethical practices at the core. HARA, meaning green in Hindi, uses their platform to bring awareness and education to the issues within the fashion industry. 


It’s time for the beauty industry to evolve away from using harmful ingredients and unsustainable supply chains. Enjoy effective skincare made from plant based, high quality, fresh natural ingredients without compromising on luxury. Handmade in the UK and founded by Laura, this beauty brand creates products to nourish and enrich your skin while being kind to the planet.




Ever wonder about the waste our period products leave behind? Rachel founded Nixit to create an answer to the huge problem in menstrual product wastage. Not only are most disposable menstrual products bad for the planet but for our bodies too; pesticides, bleach and even glue are used in most tampons, plus the constant worry of leaking. Nixit have created easy to use menstrual cups that work with your body and are built to last, giving you a worry free sustainable period. 


With a core mission to protect the environment, this woman owned pioneer in sustainable fashion is dedicated to creating good quality products while participating in Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable solutions. Ensuring fair wages, good working conditions, transparency and gender equality, People Tree is a staple brand to add to your wardrobe: stylish and affordable fashion that respects people and the planet!



Discover more of our amazing women-owned brands here.
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Catherine Williams

Writer’s Bio:Fashion Design graduate and sustainability enthusiast.