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Know The Origin has always been fuelled by a desire to see radical change within the fashion industry towards becoming an industry where people and the environment are respected and valued. The only other thing that fuels Know The Origin is: Coffee. And it looks like we are not the only ones!

Globally, we drink 600 billion cups of coffee every year! Even traditionally tea-drinking cultures are consuming more and more coffee with global coffee consumption expected to see a 3x increase by 2050.  However, simultaneously, the effects of climate change such as rising temperatures, droughts and changing weather patterns means that coffee supply is facing a crisis and threatening the livelihoods of 25 million smallholder coffee farmers.  
The Sustainable Coffee Challenge is a collaborative effort of companies, governments, NGOs, research institutions and others to make coffee the world’s first sustainable agricultural industry. The hope is that this model can be used and replicated across all other crops! Pretty exciting!

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge is encouraging transparency and bettering supply chain practices! To support them in this we want to share 5 of our favourite transparent, ethical coffee roasters who are already creating this change in the coffee industry:

Manumit Coffee

Unfortunately, the reality of modern day slavery is everywhere. Manumit uses the coffee industry to offer dignity & hope to survivors of modern slavery through training & employment. With their roastery based in Cardiff and coffee beans from ethical, slavery free suppliers, Manumit then invests all profits into local and international anti-slavery projects. Check out their website to read the stories of the people behind the coffee.

Union Hand Roasted Coffee

Union’s philosophy is based on working in partnership with coffee farmers, through directly trading with farmers and working together to improve quality of both coffee and livelihoods. You can find out exactly where, how and by whom your coffee is produced and be assured that it is by farmers committed to sustainable agricultural practices and labour rights.

Girls Who Grind

Girls Who Grind are all about celebrating women (who often go unrecognised) in the coffee industry from female farmers through to coffee drinkers. All Girls Who Grind coffee is sourced from ethical female co-operatives and they run a small batch coffee roastery in South-West England! Even their packaging is designed to celebrate the skills and diversity of women!  

Origin Coffee

Origin coffee are passionate about ethical practice and direct trade. They are able to support their farm and mill partners directly and can offer full traceability of the coffee in their customers cups! Their philosophy is farmer focussed as they dedicate time every year to visit the farmers in El Savador, Nacargua, Colombia and Brazil! Because of this commitment, they pay at least 50% over Fairtrade prices through their direct trade.

Equal Exchange

As Ethical Consumer’s top rated coffee company, Equal Exchange certainly earns this title. Equal Exchange have partnered with 40 small farmer organisations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the United States and organised themselves as a democratic worker cooperative. This style of worker-owned co-op brings to the workplace many of the rights and responsibilities that we hold as citizens in our communities. These principles include one-person/one-vote equality; open access to information (i.e., open-book management); free speech; and the equitable distribution of resources (such as income.)


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