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A gift designed to de-stress and relax you or your loved ones. All items are great plastic-free alternatives to single-use plastic, making it easier to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. 


Buying these items together creates a saving of £9.20

Soothe Me

Soothe Me was created as a natural alternative to mass-produced skincare.

Founder Suzie always had very sensitive skin and eczema, she strived for years to find skincare that actually helped her skin. Others found that the Soothe Me range with pure remedies worked more effectively than products on the market containing cheap, man-made ingredients.

Sooth me has no Sodium Laureth Sulphates, no Petrochemicals, no Synthetic fragrance or colours, just pure natural goodness. Good to you, kind and considerate to our planet

Lux Luz

Lux Luz is a startup social enterprise creating luxury candles in London. It was founded by Sophie Arup and Anna Ling in response to the unacceptable fact that 1 in 4 women in the UK is affected by domestic violence. Lux Luz means light in Latin and in Spanish as their products help to bring hope to women who find themselves in situations that can feel hopeless. Their proceeds are going to support S.T.O.R.M. Women, a local Wandsworth charity working with women who are suffering from domestic violence to help fund their art therapy classes.

Know The Origin

Head in the Woods was founded by Sanne Slotemaker in June 2018. It started off as a creative sewing studio, open to the public for sewing sessions and lessons. But soon after opening, Sanne got inspired by a local zero waste shop and after a chat with the owner, the first set of face wipes was a fact. Since then, the range has expanded and Sanne is now supplying a growing list of (mainly zero waste) retailers.

We have partnered with Sanne at Head in the Woods to create a plastic free alternative. Our facewipes are made in Sanne’s home studio in Rossendale, allowing her to be close to her children. We love working with Sanne to create high quality, supersoft and lasting wipes.


Pana Barbounis founded Pana Chocolate in Melbourne, Australia with the intention of creating a rich, luxurious chocolate the whole world could enjoy.

Made from vegan, organic ingredients with no refined sugar, and produced using minimal heat (raw). Handmade and wrapped with 100% recycled cardboard printed with vegetable inks and sealed with a plant-based glue seal.

We send emails the way we create garments:
Essential, purposeful, and always
worth the while.