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Beanie Hat Unisex - Deep Blush
Beanie Hat Unisex - Deep Blush
Beanie Hat Unisex - Deep Blush
Beanie Hat Unisex - Deep Blush

Beanie Hat Unisex - Deep Blush




Crafted from pure wool, this traditional winter accessory is expertly knitted with a light reflective, high-visibility yarn, making these beanies fashionable in the day and protective at night. Day to dusk accessories that change the way you use fashion.

Unisex: One Size

Glow is a unisex range of light-reflective, adaptable accessories designed for those who lead busy acitve lives. Disrupting traditional high-vis wear, ethical & sustainable production practices and ath-leisure, Glow promotes road safety at night, whilst championing style and social impact.

Our range is composed of wool with a unique glassfibre yarn woven into it, creating quick-wicking, breathable and effortless day to dusk accessories, designed to be light responsive in the dark, creating warmth and protection for all at night.

As a Social Enterprise we form maker collectives, partnering with women’s groups to handcraft the range, prioritising working with those who’ve faced a form of socio-economic disadvantage, providing them with a source of income and utilising their skill sets to self empower with traditional crochet and knitting techniques that stimulate mental health and wellbeing.

Glow is the brainchild of Comet Chukura, a fashion-conscious cyclist who developed the range to meet the needs of those like her who are casually active with a desire to be safe and seen at night without compromising style. A graduate of The London College of Fashion, Comet’s influences contrast simplistic functionality with the gritty colours of the East End where she grew up, resulting in an urban accessory collection that looks good, creates change and is sustainable.

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