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Almora Modal
Almora Modal
Almora Modal
Almora Modal
Almora Modal

Almora Modal

High Neck Supersoft Dress


Know The Origin



Kate wears a size S and is 5'9 in height.

Material: 100% Lenzing Modal

Weight: 200gsm

Taking care of me:

  • Wash me at 30°
  • Air dry only (tumble drying creates 75% of the carbon footprint of a garment. Let's look after the planet - it does give us a lot after all).

Modal care:

Expect 5% shrinkage on first wash.

Modal is a type of rayon fabric made from the fibers of beech tree. It is incredibly soft, drapes well, resists creasing and has a smooth lustrous finish - perfect for traveling. 

Because modal is both absorbent and air breathable, it is cool to the touch. The fibres take and hold dye easily resulting in deep, brilliant colors and produce no dye bleeding during cleaning. It is less likely to shrink than cotton, however, it will pill as a result of tough surface friction. Avoid using full strength bleach for cleaning as it will weaken the fibre. 

(cm) XS S M L XL
Bust 45 47.5 50 52.5 55
Hem 50 52.5 55 57.5 60
Length 86 87 88 89 90
Sleeve Length 36 37 38 39 40

Know The Origin was founded by Charlotte in 2015 with the aim to transform the fashion industry. Charlotte was inspired to start KTO after finding that the lack of transparency within fashion supply chains had led to abuses of human rights and environmental degradation worldwide. Through developing strong relationships with incredible organic and fairtrade producers across India, Know The Origin shows people that fashion can, and should, be done differently. KTO  respects people and the environment at every stage of the supply chain from cotton farming to final factory with traceability and high ethical standards at the heart of it’s work. By producing modern, wearable pieces that support people at every stage of the supply chain, Know The Origin is an uncompromising answer for the modern slow-fashion consumer.


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