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Feminism In Business Panel
Feminism In Business Panel

Feminism In Business Panel


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Feminism in Fashion panel: As another wave of feminist activism and fighting for equality rolls across the the western world, our Feminism In Fashion panel address the question of what equality for women could and should look like in the garment making industry and the fashion world.

No refunds available for event tickets.

Please note: There will be no toilet on site and no disabled access to the lower floor of the events space.

Refreshments provided by Karma Cola, Luscombe Drinks and One Water.

Friday 26th April 2019

59 Greek Street, Soho, London, W1D 3DZ.

6.30 - 8pm

Panelists will include: Sarah Neville and Sophie Slater - founders of Birdsong, ethical, sustainable and socially conscious clothing, Alison Kelly - founder of the Nu Wardrobe, a clothes sharing fashion company, and Charlotte Instone, founder of Know The Origin and Sophie Benson - freelance writer for the likes of The Guardian, Dazed, AnOther & more, Charly Young from The Girls' Network and Emma Slade Edmondson - Founder of Charity Live Fashion.

Early Bird (until March 1st) | £7.50

Standard (after March 1st) | £10


Founders, Sophie and Sarah, started Birdsong in 2015, inspired by the great skill and creativity in women’s community groups, but frustrated by their financial insecurity in the context of budget cuts and rising rents. With the fashion industry addicted to Photoshop and wholesale exploitation of millions of female garment workers worldwide, Birdsong is an ethical fashion brand championing women from worker to wearer. All Birdsong clothing is made by UK women facing barriers to employment. They are currently working with seven women’s groups in London - all comprising of women facing significant barriers to employment - many of them migrant women who have brought high quality making skills from their home countries. With Designer & Head of Production Susanna on board, the team is on a mission to create beautiful, sustainable clothes that empower the wearer, the worker, and the community that binds them together.

Know The Origin

Know The Origin are Ethical Consumer's 2017 top rated ethical fashion brand, they make Fairtrade and Organic clothing, with a full supply chain transparency. More recently, they have curated a honest marketplace, bringing together sustainable and transparent brands from around the world, allowing you to discover the ethical impact and origin of each piece.

The nu wardrobe

The nu wardrobe is an online platform for members to share clothes in their local area.

It was originally was started by a group of women in Dublin with wardrobes full of beautiful clothes that they rarely wore. With so many in the same boat, they thought ‘why not share, rather than buying brand new pieces all the time?’

Fashion is a highly polluting industry so not only is sharing an easy and affordable way to extend your style, it’s also one of the best ways to extend the life-cycle of clothes and reduce garment waste.

You can join The Nu Community and start sharing at

Sophie Benson

Sophie Benson is a freelance writer who covers sustainability for the likes of The Guardian, Dazed, AnOther, Grazia, Refinery29 and Metro. She also teaches at universities around the UK.

Charly Young | The Girl's Network

Charly Young is CEO and Co-founder of The Girls’ Network – a charity that provides 14-19 year old girls from the least-advantaged communities across England with a female mentor and a network of professional female role models. As a secondary school teacher, she saw first-hand how girls and young women were limited by their gender and background, and knew she had to do something!  She has since grown the charity from supporting just 30 girls in 2013, to over 1,000 in 2018.

Emma Slade Edmondson

Emma is a dynamic thought leader working across all elements of Fashion Retail, Marketing, Branding and Fashion Styling.

A change maker in her field – she is renowned for her transformational work within the charity retail sector.

With her unique combination of expert knowledge, Creative Direction and a natural Instinct for contemporary trends and cultural shifts, Emma brings an innovative angle to every project she works on.


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