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We’re out to build a fairer fashion system. You in?

Our purpose.

To inspire a new standard of sustainability for the world’s most beautiful products.

We believe good design is at the heart of sustainability. After all, beautiful things made well are loved longer. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of brands who value both excellence and ethics, designing for fit, function and fashion. Gone are the days of having to look ethical to shop well. Thank goodness.

Our mission is to build the most trusted shopping experience in the UK.

We believe trust is to be earned not asked for. So we operate with total transparency. Showing who made our products, how, where and with what. A simple idea, sadly seen as ‘radical’. We’re done with having to take the high streets word for it, so it’s time to make Knowing, industry standard.

Our Values

Our Values.

We're out to change a fashion system and believe doing things excellently will be our edge. Whether that's the brands we partner with, the standards we award or the relationships we build as a team, we look to go beyond good enough in everything we do.

Our Values

Show true grit.

Truth be told, getting this far has had it's moments. It's required big sacrifice, a few tears and facing up to fears. But remember, grit, in the right conditions and over time, creates a pearl. So as a team we remind ourselves, when it gets hard or feels over whelming, we know we're making something beautiful.

Our Values

Put people first.

Products and pounds aside KTO has always been and always will be about people. Their communities, livelihoods, environment and sanctity. From farmers to customers, colleagues to partners, everything we do needs to look to serve others.

Our Values

Listen. Learn. Lead.

We want to lead a conversation about going on an ethical journey together. But we can only lead if we’re willing to learn. We can only learn if we’re willing to listen. Listening, learning and leading require buckets of humility. So we eat humble-crumble for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our Values

Get real.

Our mission is about one thing. Trust. Without it, we're kaput. There's not short cuts with trust. It takes authenticity and time to earn it. So we must ensure that what we say and what we do are one.


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