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The freshly picked cotton fibres are separated from the seed and cleaned.
(no real gin involved unfortunately)


Access to this stage of the process isn’t always given so freely in many factories, but we’ve got a lot of time for those offering this kind of transparency. 



We use these guys who specialise in Fairtrade and organic cotton (the best kind).


Pratibha Syntex

Plot No 4, Pithampur,  Madhya Pradesh, 454774

7,000 Employees, started in 1997 


Sagar Fiber

(14 hour drive, so worth it)

Kurai road, Miyagam-Karjan, Vadodara, Gujarat, 391240

1,000 Employees, started in 2004



It all begins with sifting the cotton to loosen the seeds.

We've stepped onto cotton mountain and sunk down to our shoulders, we can reassure you these women are master gliders. (incase you wondered, turns out it took 6 people to get one of us out)



The cotton is then sucked up by tubes into the processing building. Once inside, it travels through dryers to reduce the moisture. Other nasty bits are removed by the cleaning equipment to ensure top notch fibre quality.


The fibres are then compressed into blocks and graded based on quality. 


The best fibre is used for our awesome fabric and the lowest quality for stuffing mattress. The extracted leftover seeds are also used to make oil or animal feed, so nothing is wasted (which is good news).




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