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Cotton plant is sewn and harvested


Ever seen a cotton plant?

Nope neither had we, until we visited Telangana and Odisha in India.



The truth about the normal fluffy stuff.


India grows 18% of the worlds cotton, normally with a huge amount of toxic chemicals and GM seeds. This has caused huge damage to the environment and causes small-scale farmers to fall into unimaginable debt, which since 1995 has lead to the suicides of more than 300,000 farmers across India. Heavy, for a cotton tee.


We are interested in an alternative way.



Our organic & Fairtrade cotton is from two farmer-run cooperatives in India.  We spent a few days with the farmers from Chetna, based in Adilabad. When we went it pretty much looked like a field of snow. At 45 degrees, we can assure you as beautiful as it was, snow it was not. 

In India cotton seed is usually sown from March to September and harvested 5-6 months later (Oct - Feb) depending on the local conditions.

(addresses for when you road trip)  


Chetna Organic Cooperative

H.NO. 1-305, Lakkaram Post Utnoor,Mandal, Adilabad district

36,000 Farmers, started in 2004


 Pratibha Syntex

Plot No 4, Pithampur, District Dhar,Madhya Pradesh, India, 454774

30,000 Farmers, started in 1997



4 reasons why our organic & Fairtrade cotton is awesome:


1. Farmers, farm land, water and soil is kept free from harmful chemicals and pesticides (winning).


2. Our skin (the largest organ in our body) is protected from fabric containing some of the worlds deadliest chemicals.


3. Fairtrade cooperatives ensure farmers get a fair and stable price for their crop (often 30% more). The Fairtrade premium make a huge difference supporting local communities, improving schools, creating safe drinking water sources and organising women’s self-help groups. They are cool, trust me we've been.


4. Training is given to help farmers grow organic and rotate crops which helps farmers to make more cotton and create food stability in their communities, by planting food alongside cotton.


Pretty cool hey.




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