Calling the next gen of sustainable brands.

Excellence. Ethics. Aesthetic.

We’re looking for brands who care deeply about quality, design and who focus on making fewer products, really well.

Many of the brands we partner with have spent years iterating design, working intimately with their suppliers, local and abroad. So if you’re a young gun designer or work in a global brand, say hello.

What Sets Us Apart.




We’ve worked hard to build a community of 150,000 people looking to make a positive impact through what they buy. Our job is to bring them a fresh flow of great designs. So we take the time to understand your brand, hear your story, study your supply chain, in order to educate and inspire. This approach has lead us to being the main source of revenue for many of our brands. The dream is to build long term relationships with our brands that makes a commercial and environmental impact.

What we're looking for.




Quality in fabric, fit and design. We’re looking for long term gems to be loved, worn and handed down. We’re on the hunt for emerging leaders in sustainable fabric generation and ethical manufacturing practice. Our entire proposition rests on the clarity of supply chain, so knowing who made your products and where, is key. But we recognise sustainability is a journey. So we’re not looking for perfect, just the progressive.

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