We chose to spin our cotton at Sara Spintex and Pratibha Syntex because they share our passion for people.


We want to share as much info as possible about each stage of our production.  Similar to the ginning stage, little is known about and often very hidden in many supply chains, so we were thankful for their transparency, expertise and also awesome quality yarn production.



When the cotton arrives the bales are laid down in a row, opened and blended through a number of machines to make sure the cotton has a consistent blend. More machines are then used to loosen tuffs (basically like a hairbrush), it removes sticks, leftover parts of the cotton plant and seedy bits.



The carding machines then pull the cotton fibres into one long continuous line of rope called sliver. The cotton then goes through the drawing process where the fibres are blended, straightened and reduced to get the right thickness. 

The sliver (rope like cotton) then is condensed into a smaller strands and twisted. Once this process (known as roving) is complete, it is wound onto plastic bobbins ready for becoming a fabric.



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Pratibha Syntex

Plot No 4, Pithampur,  Madhya Pradesh, 454774

7,000 Employees, started in 1997


Sagar Fiber

(14 hour drive, so worth it)

Kurai road, Miyagam-Karjan, Vadodara, Gujarat, 391240

1,000 Employees, started in 2004 




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