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Bento Reusable Grey Bag
Bento Reusable Grey Bag
Bento Reusable Grey Bag
Bento Reusable Grey Bag
Bento Reusable Grey Bag
Bento Reusable Grey Bag

Bento Reusable Grey Bag

Coze Design

£3.90 £6.50


Bento Bag made from GOTS certified organic cotton & hemp blend fabric. Minimal Japanese design, lightweight and versatile for a variety of uses! 

It is made from sustainable plant-based fabric and constructed with little to zero waste in the process. It comes folded neatly origami-style to fit on a display shelf in a store, or in a gift bag/basket. The only packaging it comes with is a recycled + recyclable label. 

Wash in cold water with gentle soap, hang to dry. Iron with medium heat.
Care tags are made from organic cotton, which are sewn on the inside of the bag.

Small base measures 8.5 x 3.5" inches
Medium base measures 11.5" x 5" inches
Large base measures 15" x 5" inches

Variety set contains one small, medium and large bento bag, with a £2.50 saving off individual bento bags.

Coze Design was started by Leanne. She makes beautiful, minimal, Japanese bags that are lightweight, chemical free, vegan friendly and reusable. The fabrics are sustainable plant-based fibre textiles. The dyeing process is slow, using locally repurposed vegetable substrates - avocado pits and peels - that have been recovered from local food establishments. The fabrics are hand dyed by Daphne Woo, slow fashion advocate and natural dye artist of Amacata located on the Sunshine Coast of BC. Talk about zero waste, environmentally friendly & local! All packaging is recycled and recyclable label.

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