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Blue KTO Steel Straw With Cleaner
Blue KTO Steel Straw With Cleaner

Blue KTO Steel Straw With Cleaner

Know The Origin


Stainless steel straw, Know The Origin embossed on the side, comes with cleaner. Super simple & lasts a lifetime. 

Material: Stainless steel. 

We have partnered with Plastic Alternatives to create our straws. They are a Bolton based company which was set up with the aim of supplying businesses an alternative to plastic straws as well as an alternative to paper straws. Whilst we know that paper is better for the environment, people still see them as disposable and they therefore they contribute to a business’ litter footprint. Currently there are 5 'garbage patches' polluting the world’s oceans and destroying the delicate ecosystem. It's up to all of us to make the change and do our bit to reduce the incredible amounts of plastic that find its way into the world’s oceans and destroys sea life. 


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