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Canyon Novelist Trousers
Canyon Novelist Trousers
Canyon Novelist Trousers
Canyon Novelist Trousers
Canyon Novelist Trousers
Canyon Novelist Trousers

Canyon Novelist Trousers

Seeker X Retriever


Novelist Trousers in Canyon by Seeker x Retriever. Pleated straight-leg trousers that can be worn high-waisted or medium-rise. Comes with classic zip, button closure and four pockets.

- Unisex

- Straight fit

- Zip closure and button closure

- Elastic waist

- Could be worn mid or high-waisted

- 2 hidden pockets

- 2 back pockets

Color Mango from mango leaves. 

Material 100% handwoven cotton. 

Due to natural material being used, slight variation of colors may occurs from season to season. Meaning your garment is one of a kind, embrace it!

- Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle
- Regular cycle is OK when using a wash bag
- Wash with like colors
- Hang dry in the shade
- Do not tumble dry
- Warm iron
- For Indigo Garments, wash separately with dark colors in mild detergent the first three times
- Fading, slight wrinkles and imperfections are only natural—embrace them!
- Should there be any loose threads due to the handwoven process, please do not pull them out. Simply clip the loose string with scissors.

All Seeker X Retriever garments come in one size only.

Waist: Fits up to 86cm (34") 

Inseam: 18cm (7")

Total length: 101.6cm (40”)

Founded in 2016, Seeker x Retriever are an Australian-Thai fashion label that specializes in garments made in small batches from 100% handwoven cotton and recycled materials. All their garments are made with love by small artisan groups in the North and Northeastern regions of Thailand, where creative director Nan Tohch’s mother originated. Seeker x Retriever work with Nammorn Design, a small-scale weaving collective in Chaeson, Northern Thailand. Here, all pieces are made from handwoven cotton, using only natural dyes from seasonal plants that are native to this area; for example, their grey colour comes from the leaves of the local Takian tree while their mango colour comes from actual mango leaves! Seeker x Retriever garments are not produced in an assembly-line style, as they work with only a couple of self-employed tailors in Bangkok (Aunty Duang and Aunty Nid) who sew each piece from start to finish. This process may take longer, but it ensures better craftsmanship, better pay rates and no unreasonable production demands.


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