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CBD Tampons (x12)
CBD Tampons (x12)
CBD Tampons (x12)
CBD Tampons (x12)

CBD Tampons (x12)




12 CBD tampons for days where your period is cramping your style.   

Made from 100% sustainably sourced organic cotton for maximum comfort and absorbency, these one of a kind tampons are uniquely infused with CBD that work to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief. 

Each tampon contains 100mg full-spectrum CBD derived from certified organic hemp, through a patented process that has been clinically tested and doctor approved.  

All tampons are also fully sanitised and coated with a protective sleeve to prevent fibre loss.

With the aim to leave an impact, not a trace, each tampon has a bio-based sugarcane applicator and is wrapped in compostable paper making them not only better for your body but better for the planet too.  


Valentina’s journey with Daye started at age 9 when she started her period and discovered how daunting and frustrating it can be to find answers and talk openly about the female body. After setting out to educate herself she discovered the positive potential of CBD as a pain relief for period cramps and launched Daye in 2018 to upgrade the tampon and raise the standards in female health products. Daye’s products are one of a kind and fully sustainable, with their entire supply chain and scientific research publically accessible to elevate the industry and help educate women about their bodies and the best products available.

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