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Charcoal Stella Low Cut Bamboo Bra

Brand: Hara


The pieces are all produced on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The bamboo is sourced, ginned, spun and knitted at Tenbro Textiles. The dyeing takes place at Tarum Bali.

The final cutting and sewing stages happens with an in house production team of 4 tailors, managed by Trisna the production manager. It is her responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.


While travelling in India, Allie (founder of Hara) was first faced with the environmental impact that the fashion industry is having on the planet. From the chemical runoff to the enormous amount of plastic use, she wanted to create a solution to the problems - so she started Hara. A year after her trip to India, she was exploring natural dyes on the Indonesian island, Bali. Whilst there she formed beautiful relationships with producers - now the entire Hara range is made in Bali. 

Hara is a brand based in Australia. Know The Origin is the only UK stockist. 

A triangle cut bamboo bra has been made for pure comfort and easy wearing. Perfect for smaller cup sizes (A-C), that enjoy light coverage and support.

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