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Classic Collar Navy Linen Shirt

Classic Collar Navy Linen Shirt

Good Studios



Fabric: 100% Hemp Linen

Buttons: 100% Recycled Hemp Pulp

Founded in late 2012 by Adelaide based Production Designer and Stylist, Anny Duff, Good Studio’s collections are 100% Australian designed and made. Good Studios work predominantly with luxurious Hemp linens and Hemp-organic Cotton blends. Hemp is an incredible versatile plant: its grows extremely fast, produces more fibre yield per acre than any other source and does not exhaust the soil it is grown in. The fibre, when worn, boasts the highest UV protection of all natural fibres and has natural antibacterial properties. Good Studios uses hemp grown and woven in China, recycles hemp buttons from Italy and have recently started using Tagua nut buttons from Ecuador - an initiative that prevents logging and sustains communities. For every purchase of a Good Studios piece, a percentage of proceeds go to planting a native tree in Australia.

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