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Silver Aaran Band (Wide)
Silver Aaran Band (Wide)
Silver Aaran Band (Wide)
Silver Aaran Band (Wide)

Silver Aaran Band (Wide)




In Nepali, aaran means the fire on which metal is heated in the workshop, before it is beaten and shaped.

This ring is handcrafted from sterling silver. 

1.2 cm height
Available in Small, Medium, Large

Kaligarh makes jewellery that lasts a lifetime. The brand was founded by Jyoti in 2013. The word Kaligarh means artisan. The brand supports people who are specialised in a craft or art form, usually working by hand in the Himalayan region. The company aims for slow, sustainable impact. Working with each artisan on a one-to-one basis, Kaligarh allows them to enhance their family’s income, whilst building a positive sense of identity. Through regular employment and interest-free loans from the company, the people that Kaligarh’s work in partnership with were able to reconstruct their homes and rebuild their lives after the earthquake in 2015.

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