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Everyday Shorts

Brand: Siku Moja




Production: Heba Women's Project 164 Brick Lane, London E1 6RU


Siku Moja create precious, classic and timeless pieces of loungewear. They launched in 2016 on Kickstarter with its first capsule collection of loungewear, The Everyday. Siku Moja means "one day" in the language of Kiswahili, and for founders Elly and Jo that represented their dream to see an industry that was not driven by trend or season, but a more sustainable balanced life.  The range is designed to bring value to everyone in the supply chain, so they have built open and transparent partnerships with small producers to help create more sustainable societies.

Loose fitting simple and easy pair of shorts. Made from 100% bamboo with accent Tanzanian cotton kanga trim.

Small: W 27 x H 36 - 37 in
Medium: W 29 x H 38 - 39 in
Large: W 31 x H 40 - 41 in

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