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Fanzine 001: Money Fashion Power

Brand: Fashion Revolution


Printed by Seacourt, the world's first zero waste to landfill printer, on 100% recycled paper.

Fashion Revolution is a global movement campaigning for a fairer, safer, cleaner, more transparent fashion industry. We have created a worldwide platform which we can all use to ask questions, raise standards and set an industry-wide example of what better looks like.

The first issue of the bi-annual Fashion Revolution fanzine explores the hidden stories behind your clothing, what the price you pay for fashion means, and how your purchasing power can make a positive difference. 72-pages of poetry, illustration, photography, graphic design and editorial. This zine also introduces readers to the GARMENT WORKER DIARIES, a yearlong research project led by Microfinance Opportunities about the lives and wages of hundreds of garment workers in Cambodia, Bangladesh and India.

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