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Fig Eco-Soy Social Candle
Fig Eco-Soy Social Candle
Fig Eco-Soy Social Candle

Fig Eco-Soy Social Candle

Lux Luz



We have partnered with Luz Luz to create a line of luxury hand poured candles in four different scents. This is our eco-soy wax Fig scented candle.  

  • Fig fragrance oil (paraben free) 
  • Hand poured 
  • 140g eco-soy wax 
  • 20-30 hour burn time 
  • White glass jar

Candle comes in a 30% consumer recycled cardboard box. Jar and box suitable for recycling once clean, or dispose of in accordance with local regulations.

Height: ~83mm
Internal Height: ~65mm
Top Diameter: ~70mm
Bottom Diameter: ~66mm

Lux Luz is a startup social enterprise creating luxury candles in London. It was founded by Sophie Arup and Anna Ling in response to the unacceptable fact that 1 in 4 women in the UK is affected by domestic violence. Lux Luz means light in Latin and in Spanish as their products help to bring hope to women who find themselves in situations that can feel hopeless. Their proceeds are going to support S.T.O.R.M. Women, a local Wandsworth charity working with women who are suffering from domestic violence to help fund their art therapy classes.

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