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Full Circle Dish Brush
Full Circle Dish Brush
Full Circle Dish Brush
Full Circle Dish Brush

Full Circle Dish Brush

Full Circle

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A fresh take on an old classic keeps things clean with an ergonomic design that minimizes bacteria. Replaceable triangular head gets in to tight spaces and reduces waste.

Made from Bamboo and recycled plastic, Full Circle consider the whole product lifecycle, down to the non-toxic coating on the bamboo. The recycled plastic bristles have super scrubbing power to get the job done, but they're also BPA free, making this product both efficient and safe.

Size: 10.82" x 1.96" x 2.16" | 27.5cm x 5cm x 5.5cm

Bridging the gap between environmentally conscious and intelligently designed products that are also stylish, Full Circle combines sustainability and function without sacrificing beauty. As a certified B Corporation with a commitment to reduced environmental impact, Full Circle products use less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gases in production. 

At Full Circle, they are committed to the health of our environment for this and future generations. Their manufacturing process is designed to preserve resources and reduce waste while creating long-lasting products from safe materials.

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