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Gorgeous Face Cream

Brand: Soothe Me


The whole range is Vegan, using plant based ingredients, free from synthetics and micro beads. Where possible all ingredients are bought as locally possible, from family run her farms and oil producers in the UK.

Handmade in East London in small batches using organic oils, floral waters and essences from plants & herbs.


Where possible product is packed in glass and plastics are BPA free. Recycled pulp boxes and bio-degradable shredded paper are used for gift set packaging.


Soothe Me was created as a natural alternative to mass-produced skincare.

Founder Suzie always had very sensitive skin and eczema, she strived for years to find skincare that actually helped her skin. Others found that the Soothe Me range with pure remedies worked more effectively than products on the market containing cheap, man-made ingredients.

Sooth me has no Sodium Laureth Sulphates, no Petrochemicals, no Synthetic fragrance or colours, just pure natural goodness. Good to you, kind and considerate to our planet.

Gorgeous' face cream with Rose and Frankincense oils. I am a truly gorgeous cream with luxurious organic oil of Rosehip, known for its antioxidant action, helping prevent premature ageing of the skin. Suitable for both sensitive and combination skin types.

One size 60ml Amber glass jar.

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