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Hanyauku T-shirt

Brand: Idioma


Cotton (or original fibre/ material): 100% Organic Cotton from India

Ginning/ Spinning: All fibers are ring-spun combed cotton

Dyeing: All solid colours are reactive dye and all heathers are fiber dyed

Screenprinting: UK Company

The supplier is rated as a “Leader” within the Fairwear certification, meet necessary requirements of the Labour Code of the Fair Wear Foundation and going beyond. The supplier uses multiple factories around Bangladesh to produce the garments. Factories are regularly audited and long term relationships are in place.

Idioma started in 2011 with Seth and Halle Banks. It is a brand born of words from across the globe that inspire, stimulate and awaken the mind. The range of T-shirts, sweatshirts and caps showcase minimal designs based on words that share a message of acceptance for cultures across our planet. “Slow fashion” is a key part of the Idioma vision, high quality items produced for longevity.

Some of the most interesting words from around the world can't be translated into English. This is one of our favourites from Namibia, describing a feeling of putting your feet on hot sand. Anyone who has struggled to cross a beach on a hot day will be able to relate to this...ouch!

Hanyauku - Rukwangali, Namibia (v): The act of walking on tiptoes across warm sand.

Coconut White
100% Organic super soft ring-spun Combed Cotton
130 GSM

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