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How To Give Up Plastic Book
How To Give Up Plastic Book
How To Give Up Plastic Book
How To Give Up Plastic Book

How To Give Up Plastic Book

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Around 12.7 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean every year, killing over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals.

Greenpeace activist Will McCallum, the campaigner at the forefront of the anti-plastic movement, writes how we can make small changes in our lives to reduce the use of plastic. How to Give Up Plastic is the definitive guide to learning what we can do in our own homes, communities and workplaces to start bringing about the end of our plastic dependent age.

You will learn how to spot disposable plastic items and find plastic-free, sustainable alternatives to each one. Tips include; buying a reusable coffee cup to running a clean-up at your local park or beach, washing clothes within a wash bag to catch plastic microfibers, replacing regular shampoo with bar shampoo and many more.  

McCallum includes alarming figures and facts about global plastic consumption and anecdotes from activists fighting plastic around the world. This book is an overview of why we should all be working together, as a global collective, to eliminate disposable plastics for good. 

Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Penguin Life (24 May 2018)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 13.8 x 2.1 x 20.4 cm

Will McCallum, Head of Oceans at Greenpeace UK, has been at the heart of the anti-plastics movement for the past three years. He aids the government and companies in tackling the plastic crisis. As well as this, he is leading the global Greenpeace campaign to create one of the world’s largest protected area in the Antarctic Ocean. He recently spent a month in Antarctica investigating whether plastic is reaching the most remote region on the planet. 

Photo by Daneil Beltra/Greenpeace

'Plastic waste is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world' Theresa May

'As Head of Oceans at Greenpeace, Will is on the front line of humanity's global fight against plastic. This timely book not only explains how we got into this mess, but most importantly offers an optimistic and proactive approach as to how we can get out of it'.  Richard Walker, Managing Director at Iceland

'If you care about seabirds, turtles, fish, family, friends, planet, this book is for you - a profound, passionate, and practical guide to taking action on plastics.'Jennifer Ackerman, author of The Genius of Birds

'It's no small exaggeration to say this book changed the way I think. It is a welcome corrective, a plangent and necessary call to arms.' Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix

'Will McCallum's How to Give Up Plastic is an important step in confronting this huge problem. If everyone took up just one of the changes he suggests the planet would be much healthier.' Mark Kurlansky, author of Cod and Milk!

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