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Issue 9: Majestic Disorder Magazine

Brand: Majestic Disorder


Majestic Disorder is an independent arts + culture print magazine, producing globally driven thought provoking journalism on cultural topics, art, film, travel, identity, sustainable fashion, public affairs and feature stories with creative artisans.

Majestic Disorder believe in sustainable lifestyles where garments and material objects are produced ethically with environmentally friendly materials and when possible, created locally. They focus on promoting ethnic diversity and positive body image by not digitally enhancing, altering or modifying the physical attributes of the models and individuals used in all photos published. Everything you see is natural beauty and reality.

We campaign for the highest standards of transparency and ethics by valuing all contributors. No free labor or unpaid internships are utilised in the production of majestic disorder magazine.

Whether creative talent is innate or unexpectedly discovered, no two journeys are ever alike. The difference is often found in the environment.

Inside the ninth issue we explore the diversified interpretations of environment and how they connect to the journey.

From the cultural landscape of Ecuador and Colombia to sharing wisdom from indigenous cultures in Myanmar and the Philippines, there is a copious amount of unique narratives designed to inspire and inform.

Also inside are exclusive feature profiles of visual artists Marie-Sophie + Chris Lockhart, ceramist Amie Luczkowkski-Gibson, aerosol artist Okuda San Miguel with chapter artwork provided by Eric Croes and much more!

240mm (H) x 170mm (W)
192 pages
110 gsm uncoated paper stock

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