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Mini Palms Hair Sticks
Mini Palms Hair Sticks

Mini Palms Hair Sticks

Saya Designs


The Mini Pandans are best styled in hair that is medium to short in length, and not too thick.

  • Keep out of water (and avoid using in wet hair).
  • Keep safe in the fabric wallet when on the move.
  • Avoid heavy sideways pressure as much as possible.
  • Try not to drop on hard surfaces, they are handmade and desire loving care!
  • Enjoy them!

Saya Designs was created by Victoria out of a deep love of nature, a growing awareness of environmental issues, and a desire to create things with a real story to tell. Every Saya product starts as a waste material - root wood that is a recycled by-product material of the timber industry in Indonesia - and is loving hand crafted into something beautiful and purposeful.  Each salvaged root completes an amazing cycle, as with each hair stick purchased up to 10 endangered trees are planted in community run forestry projects in local areas.

    We send emails the way we create garments:
    Essential, purposeful, and always
    worth the while.