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Neon Kactus Black Glass Cup 12oz
Neon Kactus Black Glass Cup 12oz
Neon Kactus Black Glass Cup 12oz
Neon Kactus Black Glass Cup 12oz

Neon Kactus Black Glass Cup 12oz

Neon Kactus

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Bright and easily identifiable in its black ‘jacket’, this Neon Kactus Free Spirit Glass Coffee Cup is a fabulous way to reduce your environmental footprint and be more eco-friendly when visiting high street coffee shops.

  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Anti-slip Grip
  • Thermal Sleeve
  • Easy Clean – Handwash
  • BPA Free
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Dishwasher friendly

340ml. 9cm Dia. x 13cm H. (with lid in place).


High-quality borosilicate glass

Created from thick borosilicate glass, this chunky little mug is resistant to heat and shocks, and will never absorb residual tastes or smells from strongly flavoured beverages – which means it will be equally suitable if you prefer a delicate herbal tea in the afternoon after your rocket-fuel caffeine boost to get you through the morning. And, of course, it’s super-easy to keep clean too.

Splashproof silicone lid and anti-slip grip

The broad, silicone cuff has a tactile, anti-slip pattern so your hands will never slip and also insulates the cup, so your brew stays warm for longer while your hands stay cool. And the soft, sipper lid keeps steam and splashes inside the cup while you’re carrying coffee from your favourite coffee shop to your destination.

Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and plastic-free

Designed to replace single-use coffee cups, it’s made from fully recyclable glass and silicone, and even the packaging is made from cardboard so it’s completely plastic-free – good news if you’re trying to do your bit and cut down on single-use, throwaway plastic. And as the cup is made from glass, it’s naturally from chemicals such as lead, cadmium and BPA.


Neon Kactus was founded by Charlotte Gornall. They are committed to reducing the use of non reusable products, plastic and all other unsustainable materials, in order to protect our planet and create a better tomorrow. They do this by creating products that fit into your lifestyle, with the perfect balance of style and performance. A percentage of profits are also given to Less Plastic, a UK charity founded in 2015 to raise awareness of the issues caused by ocean plastic and to provide easy-to-action solutions to significantly reduce the amount of plastic in our lives.

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