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Panama 80%

Chocolate And Love

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This pleasingly high-percentage chocolate is full bodied yet mild, decadent and incredibly smooth with hints of nuts and an extraordinary chocolate flavour, ideal for the chocolate purist. We challenge you to find a smoother, less bitter, 80% chocolate bar.

The love story began when a chocolate-craving Scotsman and a foodie Dane met...and now we run a family business.

We create great-tasting organic, Fairtrade chocolate which brings smiles to people’s faces and makes them feel good about themselves and the planet. We love it! Chocolate that tastes good and does good too. 

We have a real passion for good natural food. Chocolate is fascinating; we treasure the richness and all the exciting flavours. The taste profile depends on the type of cacao bean, soil, weather, fermentation, roasting, conching etc.  We source our amazing cacao from The Dominican Republic, Peru, Panama and Madagascar and each origin has their distinct flavour profile.

As much care is lavished upon the ingredients, packaging and materials as goes into developing our products. When we develop new flavours, we have ambitious goals. If it’s not great, it’s not worth doing.  Our core values dictate our ethical sourcing, organic status and environmentally-responsible materials as we have a genuine wish to run an eco-friendly business.

We carefully choose partners who share the same values as us and who we want to build long-lasting relationships with.  All of this we could not do without our dedicated team members, who are willing to move mountains in order to achieve our vision and to provide excellent service to our customers, and we want them to be proud of the business they work for. 

We send emails the way we create garments:
Essential, purposeful, and always
worth the while.