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Paper Planes Sweatshirt

Brand: Idioma


Cotton (or original fibre/ material): 100% Organic Cotton (100% organic product produced under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified by Control Union and The Soil Association)

Screenprinting: UK Company

All of the garment production steps are undertaken across a number of factories across India. Since 2006 they have made transparent their manufacturing supply chain with independent audits by the non-profit organisation the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION (FWF). They are judged to meet the points in the Labour Code set out by FWF.

Idioma started in 2011 with Seth and Halle Banks. It is a brand born of words from across the globe that inspire, stimulate and awaken the mind. The range of T-shirts, sweatshirts and caps showcase minimal designs based on words that share a message of acceptance for cultures across our planet. “Slow fashion” is a key part of the Idioma vision, high quality items produced for longevity.

This one is in honour of one of the simplest forms of Origami, one we all know. Its debated whether the Chinese or the Japanese first created the Paper Aeroplane so without offending either party we’ve the text Kami Hikoki or how we would say the Japanese for Paper plane and below in Kanji or Hànzì a script used and understood by both the Japanese and the Chinese.

Organic crew neck unisex sweatshirt made in a Fairwear Factory. Designed and screen-printed in the UK.

Starry Sky
100% Organic super soft ring-spun Combed Cotton
280 GSM

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