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Paper Wrapped Naked Tampon Heavy (x14)
Paper Wrapped Naked Tampon Heavy (x14)

Paper Wrapped Naked Tampon Heavy (x14)



14 heavy paper wrapped naked tampons perfect for heavy flow days.

These unique tampons have an octagonal design for maximum comfort and absorbency with a PH neutral cotton core that is soft and breathable with a veil to prevent fibre shedding. 

Made with ultra-reliable organic cotton and recyclable paper wrap these tampons are entirely plastic-free making them better for your body, our planet and for womankind.

No synthetics. No harmful chemicals. No perfumes. No colourants.

100% pure natural organic cotton fibres and cotton thread.

Containing zero plastic, our naked tampons® are the most eco-friendly disposable period product available. 

Claire and Lucy, a mother and daughter duo founded &SISTERS after experiencing first-hand, the hardship resulting from the lack of access to safe period products. Every year millions of women and girls across the globe are disadvantaged due to period poverty. Claire and Lucy aim to change this by creating safe, affordable products, challenging the language used around periods and supporting women across the globe. Their products are fully sustainable, made from organic cotton and natural silicon, aiming to be better for your body and our planet. &SISTERS dedicate 10% of all profits towards women empowerment, changing the world one period at a time.

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