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Lotus 3/4

Supersoft 3/4 Length Modal Leggings

Brand: Know The Origin



Fifi wears a size XS and is 5'6 in height.

Material: 100% Lenzing Modal

Weight: 200 gsm

Taking care of me:

  • Wash me at 30°
  • Air dry only (tumble drying creates 75% of the carbon footprint of a garment. Let's look after the planet - it does give us a lot after all).

Modal care:

Expect 5% shrinkage on first wash.

Modal is a type of rayon fabric made from the fibers of beech tree. It is incredibly soft, drapes well, resists creasing and has a smooth lustrous finish - perfect for traveling. 

Because modal is both absorbent and air breathable, it is cool to the touch. The fibers take and hold dye easily resulting in deep, brilliant colors and produce no dye bleeding during cleaning. It is less likely to shrink than cotton, however, it will pill as a result of tough surface friction. Avoid using full strength bleach for cleaning as it will weaken the fiber. 

Know The Origin

Your lotus modal leggings were made here: 


Modal is the new fabric to join the collection (always looking for new eco materials that are an alternative to organic cotton). Not only is it super soft, Lenzing Modal uses 100% renewable energy to minimise emissions from extracting plant fibers. It is manufactured by the Austrian company Lenzing that sources trees from certified sustainably managed forests, and recycles chemical and waste that result from the production process in Austria.

Full integration at the Lenzing site in Austria makes it possible to produce the fiber in an environmentally sound way due to the generation of excess energy and the recovery of component parts of the wood. The fibers are produced using Edelweiss® fiber technology. Edelweiss stands for a "symbiotic" production process - pulp, the raw material, is produced at the same site as the modal fiber itself. Showing that production can be done while going easy on energy and other resources (the earth be like, thankyou). We are planning a trip to Austria, to show you exactly how it is made (watch this space).  

Cutting/ Sewing: Mila Factory, Thirumuruganpoondi, Tamil Nadu, South India, 641652

The modal leggings were made by the lovely Selvi.

Selvi recently joined the Mila family a year ago, she is married and has two children. Selvi is highly experienced, with years of experience making clothing (lucky us).





(cm) XS S M L XL
Waist 30 32.5 35 37.5 40
Inseam 44 45 46 47 48

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