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Sirene is a bi-annual publication tailored for those people who feel close to the sea even when they are far away from it.

The magazine approaches the water from every angle: emotional, cultural and scientific.

Through new aesthetics and new ethics with respect to the sea, encourages better care of the oceans.

The paper is made from algae, hinting at saltiness or sand. For every half kilo of fresh algae, a kilo of wood is saved

This issue features Aeolians: Passengers at Dawn. Swimming Na Pali Coast. Point Nemo. Hawaii: Austin Kino. Valerie Taylor’s Underwater World. Haenyeo: Women of the Sea. Sea Journals. Islands: Salina. Japanese Soul Surfers. Newport, the school where boats are reborn. Two Mermaids in the Sea of Malta. 

This issue features:
The Ocean in a Pool - Diving and swimming in the salt water of the ocean pools is a kind of ritual for Australians, strengthening their bond with the land, the sea that surrounds it, and Nature that will not be tamed. Ever
Paddle Your Own Kayak -A mantra which Harvey Golden has embraced, starting to build his own kayak, soon becoming one of the leading experts of the “skin on frame” of Alaska and Greenland. 
The Sky Above the Boats - In the open seas, before seeing land, sailors start to lift their gaze above the horizon, as they await the beating of wings.
High Latitudes - Will Stirling, designer, owner and captain of Integrity, writes about his Arctic adventures aboard the boat, based on the lines of the late 19th century Gentleman’s Cutter.
Among the Waves of Mayumi Oda - Artist, environmentalist, pacifist, born in Japan. Hers is an ancestral sea of constantly rippling waves to swim in, thus rediscovering harmony with the world.
Peter Troy. To the Four Corners of the World - Australian surfer and wayfarer. His travels by cargo ship, by sailboat, by bicycle, with his inseparable board, have marked the path for generations of surfers.
Oxides - It is the corrosive effect that the humid and saline environment has on metals, but inside us oxidation is something that makes us alive.
Save the Reef - “Saving the reef means saving the world” says Austin Bowden-Kerby, the pioneer of coral gardening.
Sand: Between Land and Sea - We travel to the dunes of Flecheiras, Ceará, Brazil with award-winning photographer and filmmaker Morgan Maassen. 

Sirene, with its large recycled paper pages, rough and porous as only salt water stains can be, creates a narration in which sea lovers can relate and where they can find the characteristics of a common identity. 

Two different versions – one in Italian and one in English – and two cradles, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, where the attraction for water has grown in time into a culture.

Starting from Italy and California, through its webpage and carefully selected points of sale, SIRENE wants to spread and develop along the Mediterranean coast and the dry lands in the Pacific area until it reaches its readers wherever they are in the world.

We send emails the way we create garments:
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