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Suck On That Bamboo Straws Navy (10 Pack)
Suck On That Bamboo Straws Navy (10 Pack)

Suck On That Bamboo Straws Navy (10 Pack)

Suck On That


10 Organic handmade bamboo straws within a striped pouch. Straws that are dishwasher-friendly, reusable, environmentally friendly, and Fairtrade. 

Suck On That was started by Tessa Polder in 2017, while working for a Fairtrade organisation in Cambodia her eyes were opened to many issues, both social and environmental. "When I was walking along the beach I couldn't ignore how much trash was lying around, especially plastic straws. I thought, if everyone would stop using plastic straws it could really make a difference to the global plastic problem, which is why I started Suck On That."

Suck on That's bamboo is sustainably grown in a rural village just outside of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penn. They are passionate about creating economic opportunities for disadvantaged communities. Their aim is to improve the quality of life and especially empower women through employment. They also ensure safe working conditions and fair wages throughout the supply chain. By purchasing a bamboo straw you're not only investing in the future of our planet but also the future of the makers behind Suck On That. 


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