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The No Spend Year Book
The No Spend Year Book
The No Spend Year Book
The No Spend Year Book

The No Spend Year Book

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The No Spend Year is Michelle's personal account of her challenge to not spend money for a year. This is also a tool that will help you get to grips with your own financial situation. She talks about money in an accessible and unintimidating way, whilst giving brilliant personal finance tips and life hacks about interest, mortgages, savings , pensions and spending less to help you live a more financially secure life too.

Michelle McGagh, finance journalist, narrates this journey whilst advising on how you can spend less and live more. McGagh makes this book very relatable as she explains how, despite not being in serious debt, her massive London mortgage left her feeling not in control of her finances. Her radical approach to pay only bills, weekly groceries and household essentials for a year is inspiring. She finds creative ways to get the things she needs, to travel and to still be able to enjoy her time. Not only has she saved money but she is happier: no longer feeling the desire to buy things all the time. 

Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Coronet (11 Jan. 2018)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 19.8 x 1.8 x 13 cm

Michelle McGagh has been a freelance personal finance journalist for over a decade. She was determined to pay off a huge chunk of her mortgage, so reigned in her finances, applied minimalism to her spending habits with a year-long spending ban. 

Michelle is charting her No Spend Year successes and failures in a blog series for the Guardian and has had wide-ranging coverage including stints on BBC Breakfast TV, Channel 5 The Saturday Show, BBC 5 Live Hit List, BBC R4 World, Talk Radio Europe and been interviewed for Woman’s Own, L’Express (France), among others.

(Photograph: Anna Huix)


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