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TOTM Organic Day Pads (Medium Flow)
TOTM Organic Day Pads (Medium Flow)
TOTM Organic Day Pads (Medium Flow)
TOTM Organic Day Pads (Medium Flow)

TOTM Organic Day Pads (Medium Flow)




Our medium flow (day pads) are suitable for light to medium menstrual flow (2 droplets). Use day or night, depending on your needs. Length: 22cm.

Pads are naturally soft, absorbent and comfortable. Include wings for a secure fit to underwear.

No fragrance, deodorants, wood pulp or chlorine bleach

Multibuy offer - 15% off your purchase for 3 or 6 packs.

Pads: Organic cotton absorbent core and cover (0% plastic against skin), secure biodegradable backing with non-toxic adhesive and hypoallergenic to prevent irritation.

Packaging: Pads wrapped individually in biodegradable and compostable biofilm, packed in cardboard box. 

Time of the Months was founded by St.John Burke and are now a small team based in Wales. TOTM launched in 2016 with a vision to change how we manage periods and have a better understanding of menstrual health. They're on a mission to end the silence surrounding periods and provide more natural and sustainable period care. Mainstream period brands are not required to list product ingredients, TOTM stand out from the crowd with fully transparency as to what goes in to making their period care. Since 2018 they've also supported Endometriosis UK.

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