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Yellow Clay
Yellow Clay
Yellow Clay
Yellow Clay

Yellow Clay

Soothe Me


French Yellow clay is suitable for sensitive skin, mild eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and can even help to soothe cradle cap. Reviving, Hydrating & Refining for very sensitive skin, can also help soothe sore looking cradle cap.

Revitalise tired & neglected skin, restore vitality to troubled skin, remedy psoriasis, eczema & acne. Gentle enough to use for nappy rash & cradle cap. Use as a weekly mask for a healthy, happy, smooth skin.  

60ml Amber glass jar.

Soothe Me was created as a natural alternative to mass-produced skincare.

Founder Suzie always had very sensitive skin and eczema, she strived for years to find skincare that actually helped her skin. Others found that the Soothe Me range with pure remedies worked more effectively than products on the market containing cheap, man-made ingredients.

Sooth me has no Sodium Laureth Sulphates, no Petrochemicals, no Synthetic fragrance or colours, just pure natural goodness. Good to you, kind and considerate to our planet.


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